Monday, January 18, 2010

Flashlight Earpick

I used to wonder why the cotton buds and the Ear Drops did not help ease my children's ear pain or itchiness.

Prior visits to the family doctor to flush my children's ears and extracting ear wax cost me S$40 per visit. On one visit, the doctor was unable to clear one of CH's ear and I was prescribed Tropex to help soften the ear wax. "Then what?" I had wondered. Sure enough, my 3 year-old daughter still complained of itchy ear.

This morning, I had a surprise find at a newspaper stand - this Flashlight Earpick from China. As I pulled back her ear and peered in with the Flashlight Earpick, I could see something stuck on the side of her ear canal.

That was when Tropex came in handy! It helped to soften the ear wax somewhat and I was able to extract a solid ear wax about 1cm big! After that, I applied Fracitin to disinfect the ear.

And the amazing thing was, this Flashlight Earpick from China cost me only S$2.50! And none was available at the Pharmacy!

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