Sunday, January 31, 2010

Little Notes of Memory

My little notes of memory - they're pathetic!

About a year after SW was born, I started taking little notes to remind myself of his special moments. They are quick notes that I can make any day and any time on any piece of paper, and just pop it into any containers.

5 years later, the glass that I had used to contain the notes are less than half-filled. It had been a mistake on my part to collect them in a fragile container (as I had to keep it away) and in a closed bookshelf. It was a sheer out-of-sight, out-of mind!

I've decided to discard the notes and jot them in my blog since now that I have transfered my little notes of memory here.

Here are the notes in non-chronological order:

SW pretended the remote control was the phone.

SW spoke his first sentence in English today,"Ma ma, I see a truck!"

Last week, SW pointed to the crab in his colouring book and said "Crab". He paused for a moment and continued, "mum-mum" (as in yum yum!) Then, he pointed to an umbrella in the same book and started singing, "雨伞, 雨伞, 亮晶晶”!

SW said a complete sentence in Chinese today, pointing to his tricycle, "妈妈, 你陪我踏”!

SW loves to cuddle his Charity Bear to sleep and carries it with him around the house too. It's his favourite friend!
(And to know he's still so fond of it now at age 6!)

SW said, “妹妹” for the first time today upon seeing the new born Lee Ang (cousin).

SW laughs every time I say the word "Avocado". I'd exaggerate it sometimes and he loves it. Didn't want me to stop. He tried to utter the word, but came nothing close!

Dad said SW showed signs of jealousy when he carried Lee Jiah (cousin). SW scrambled into Dad's arms to be carried too!

On hindsight, if I had kept up with the habit of popping in bits of notes more regularly, it might have turned into a priceless gift to my child one day. It's those little things you'd miss in videos and pictures, yet similarly meaningful to both mother and child...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dedication to All Expecting Mothers

I am fond of congratulating expecting mothers. In fact, I tend to get too fond of it that I end up embarrassing everyone.

Dedicated to all expecting mothers
(Art: side view of a an expecting mother at 38th week of gestation)

To an ex-colleague, "So, are you expecting another one?"
"No, not yet, my daughter's only 8 months old!"

If that did not sound so awkward, try this:

(In the lift)
"Expecting soon?"
"No, diabetes!"
"Oh dear! I am so sorry!"

How was I to know, goodness me, the lady's belly swelled like she was going to deliver anytime, and she moved so slowly while her husband held her arm with such concerned and loving gaze...but truly, my ignorance what diabetes could do to you.

I suppose seeing pregnant women make me feel good and happy because of my two blessed pregnancies. Usually, I tend to over-work and move around a lot. Carrying a new life with me forced me to slow down, rest more and eat more. With no morning sickness or swelling feet, coupled with backaches and breathlessness that were overcome by forgetfulness, pregnancy to me equals blissfulness. So, please forgive me if I had embarrassed you...I was hoping to rub on some of my prior feeling of blissfulness.

"Are you expecting?" I couldn't help asking again.
"No, it just hasn't gone down.."

Oh no. Not again! I will hold my tongue from now on... or just smile if could not help it!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Flashlight Earpick

I used to wonder why the cotton buds and the Ear Drops did not help ease my children's ear pain or itchiness.

Prior visits to the family doctor to flush my children's ears and extracting ear wax cost me S$40 per visit. On one visit, the doctor was unable to clear one of CH's ear and I was prescribed Tropex to help soften the ear wax. "Then what?" I had wondered. Sure enough, my 3 year-old daughter still complained of itchy ear.

This morning, I had a surprise find at a newspaper stand - this Flashlight Earpick from China. As I pulled back her ear and peered in with the Flashlight Earpick, I could see something stuck on the side of her ear canal.

That was when Tropex came in handy! It helped to soften the ear wax somewhat and I was able to extract a solid ear wax about 1cm big! After that, I applied Fracitin to disinfect the ear.

And the amazing thing was, this Flashlight Earpick from China cost me only S$2.50! And none was available at the Pharmacy!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Collection of CH's Drawings

CH: A Rabbit!

CH's first drawings of anything with a face bore this expression. Nowadays, on quiet afternoons when I'm cooking or doing the laundry, she'll sit by herself and draw. Sometimes, one can't help but wonder what goes on in their little minds. With her pictures I could have a glimpse...

CH: It's raining!

What started out as 'H's turned into '4's. Hey, she writes seven with the stroke in the middle like I do! Ok, now what's that oblong face doing amongst the numbers?

I like the neatness of this coming from a 3 year-old. She even signs her name - but she seems to have mild dyslexia - CH written as HC...hmm.

Attempts drawing arms and long hair

CH draws kor kor (brother)

CH draws nature with crayons

CH: This is you! (She was angry with me)

She loves me most of the time...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Memories to Keep

A new school term has begun. SW is in his second year of Kindergarten and CH in Nursery, her first year in a new school. Both their birthdays fall at the beginning of the year, which means they are soon a year older - another reminder that they are no longer babies... Nevertheless, it pains me less to cherish the memories than to wish I could hold on to them... that's what keeps me writing and taking videos and pictures.

The all-new PCF uniform from Punggol East

I admire and adore the scrapbooks that some mothers make. Give me a scrapbook magazine and I'd drool all over it. I used to hoard things thinking I could make something out of them, but I'd collect more stuff than I had time to make. I try to be more rational now that I am married with children because not only do you need to find good spots around the house to display your works, you'd also need to organize the left-over materials lest they become the eyesore of another.

Yesterday afternoon, while CH got totally knock out after her first day of school, sleeping a rare 4 hours, opportunity arose for me to do scrapping. I attempted a close substitute which took up only virtual space, whether to make or to display.

Blogs are such memory keepers!