Friday, January 15, 2010

Collection of CH's Drawings

CH: A Rabbit!

CH's first drawings of anything with a face bore this expression. Nowadays, on quiet afternoons when I'm cooking or doing the laundry, she'll sit by herself and draw. Sometimes, one can't help but wonder what goes on in their little minds. With her pictures I could have a glimpse...

CH: It's raining!

What started out as 'H's turned into '4's. Hey, she writes seven with the stroke in the middle like I do! Ok, now what's that oblong face doing amongst the numbers?

I like the neatness of this coming from a 3 year-old. She even signs her name - but she seems to have mild dyslexia - CH written as HC...hmm.

Attempts drawing arms and long hair

CH draws kor kor (brother)

CH draws nature with crayons

CH: This is you! (She was angry with me)

She loves me most of the time...

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