Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dedication to All Expecting Mothers

I am fond of congratulating expecting mothers. In fact, I tend to get too fond of it that I end up embarrassing everyone.

Dedicated to all expecting mothers
(Art: side view of a an expecting mother at 38th week of gestation)

To an ex-colleague, "So, are you expecting another one?"
"No, not yet, my daughter's only 8 months old!"

If that did not sound so awkward, try this:

(In the lift)
"Expecting soon?"
"No, diabetes!"
"Oh dear! I am so sorry!"

How was I to know, goodness me, the lady's belly swelled like she was going to deliver anytime, and she moved so slowly while her husband held her arm with such concerned and loving gaze...but truly, my ignorance what diabetes could do to you.

I suppose seeing pregnant women make me feel good and happy because of my two blessed pregnancies. Usually, I tend to over-work and move around a lot. Carrying a new life with me forced me to slow down, rest more and eat more. With no morning sickness or swelling feet, coupled with backaches and breathlessness that were overcome by forgetfulness, pregnancy to me equals blissfulness. So, please forgive me if I had embarrassed you...I was hoping to rub on some of my prior feeling of blissfulness.

"Are you expecting?" I couldn't help asking again.
"No, it just hasn't gone down.."

Oh no. Not again! I will hold my tongue from now on... or just smile if could not help it!


MamaJ said...

Heee... That's why I never dare to ask to confirm my suspicions! Ah well...

Anonymous said...

I've kept my mouth shut long ago....i the MRT.... :( Sometimes not so good being a Hao Gong Ming....

Cassandra said...

This is hilarious!! Usually, it was me who got the question!