Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Psuedo Pleats

This hair band was a rare find, and I thought it gave me an idea of how CH would look in long hair.

I bought the hairband when CH was 2+. Now 4, it still fits her well. Unfortunately, it is rather warm to wear in the hot weather in Singapore, so CH only wears it for dress-up. Below is how she looked the first time I tried it on her. You cannot see it here, but she was folding her arms wondering what I was up to!

Friday, March 12, 2010


It's been a year since our last trip to Melaka, Malaysia.

The kids have been asking when they could visit Melaka again, and we are finally going to make it this weekend. This time, we are driving in in 2 cars - 7 adults and 6 children! Hola!

The view from our hotel had been the most memorable of all, over-looking the Straits of Melaka. Let's hope the views are going to be as promising this time!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Southern Islands

We've been wanting to visit the Southern Islands of Singapore, and finally made it 2 weekends ago.

Away from the usual weekend crowds, St John's Island and Kushu Island give you a chance to see Singapore from a different angle. Attracted by the rare sea creatures of the former Island and the clean water and sand in the latter, we ended up spending most of the time near the shore instead of exploring the islands.

We were not geared for swimming, but the fun thing was the spontaneity of it all - from being allowed to wade in the water to swimming naked (only SW). This was so the kids did not dirty their clothes. Fortunately, we brought food for picnic as there were no food stalls around. If it wasn't because we were all starving, we would have stayed longer, because the ferry tickets were not cheap - S$15 per adult and S$12 per child!

Top - My nephew showing us a "Crossfish" he found.
Below - CH swimming in the clear water at Kushu Island. It's the kids' first experience swimming in the sea.