Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh - Day 2

The Lost World Theme Park opens at 11am which gave us ample time to sleep in and have breakfast.  

The area around the park is beautiful too.

There was no restaurant at the hotel. The free breakfast that came with the room was across the road and carpark, right where theTheme Park was.

The same place where you have breakfast is converted to a cafeteria 
which serves the Theme Park in the afternoon. 

Breakfast consists of Nasi Lemak, sausages, omelette, fried Kway Teow/Bee Hoon, cereal, toast, fruits - nothing fantastic, basic meal before you start the day.

Purchasing the entrance tickets online not only saved us money, it helped us beat the queue at the entrance which was quickly forming.

Having experienced Sunway Lagoon in Kuala Lumpur, we tried to cover as many places as we could at Lost World this time, not to dwelling too long in one area.  This would give us ample time for water play in the afternoon.  We started with Tiger Valley, going up to Swan Lake, Tin Mining and Team Building Park before moving on to Petting Zoo and finally heading for the waters.

I have selected pictures from our takes at each attraction.  Enjoy!

Tiger Valley - we did not hang around to watch Tiger Feeding.

Swan Lake - real swans!  Look at the well-fed fishes craving for more food!  
You can also take swan paddle boat rides.

View of the Tin Bearers attraction past Tin History Walk 
(Thanks to the backlight function on my Samsung phone camera 
without which my photo would have been too dark)

Dulang Washing (Tin Mining) attraction

Beautiful view at Team Building Park.

SW found his own rock to climb.

The activities at the Team Building Park were interesting, but not suitable for children.  We could however, have a go at the Firefox.

The Petting Zoo was a highlight of our trip.  There were rodents, birds, snakes, goats and deers, the latter two of which we did not see.


Beautiful Hen and Rooster

At the Aviary, it was delightful to see all kinds of birds around us, roaming about freely.  Their colors were amazingly beautiful.  Amongst the many species were White Peacock, Indian Peafowl, Lady Amherst Pheasant, Victoria Crowned Pigeon, Ruddy Shelduck, Wood Duck, and Mandarin Duck, Parrots and Quails.

Golden Pheasant

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

It was difficult to take pictures and finding out the names of the species when a group of tourist with screaming children came in.  The birds started fluttering and flying about. I made my way out before anything undesirable dropped on me!
It's time to jump onto the train ride and head for the Water Theme Park!


Lost World Hot Spring and Spa during the day looks different.  The hot spring makes your body feel even warmer hence it is better to go later in the day or at night.  The temperature at various pools start from 37˚C, the hottest being the Steam Cave which one can hardly stay in there for 5 minutes (contact lens users beware).  There is also the Top of the World Jacuzzi which allows few people to go in at a time.  Besides having the water fountain massaging your back at the Sapphire Pool, the Foot Spa has smooth pebbles at the base that massages your feet as you walk round the pool.  It is also good for those who do not wish to get wet, but do not mind a little fun.  At the Infinity Pool, you could enjoy a sip  while you relax and enjoy the fresh air and mountain view.

The Theme park closes at 6pm and you could stay at this section for the Night Spa.  It would have been interesting to see the place light up for the night as the sun goes down. 

Sapphire Pool

 Sapphire Baby Pool

Stairs leading to Top of the World Jacuzzi

Infinity Pool

Heading back to the Hotel after a day of fun.

Again, if you have a car, it would be a good time to head to town for dinner.  For us, we rested early to prepare ourselves for Cameron Highlands trip the following day.  A good shower at the hotel with cup noodles, snacks and apples, chatting over the day's events sealed our day.

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