Thursday, December 15, 2011

First Flight

We have been waiting and waiting all holiday and the day was finally here.  For the children, it was the first time they were traveling in airplane.  For me, it would be the first time in ... 10 years?

SW could not fall asleep the night before, and complained why we could not go earlier, why the sky was not bright yet, and at the airport, about why we had to wait more than an hour after check-in and why the plane took so long to take flight.

Do not be mistaken, there was hardly any queue at check-in.  I suppose that was because we reached the airport early.  Firefly is considered expensive compared to other budget airline. So there were fewer passengers while the rest of the queues were from Tiger Airways.  It is priced so most likely because it is the only airline that flies to Ipoh directly from Singapore.  Per ticket costed around S$138 per one-way ticket, RM232.  You can fly to Kuala Lumpur at half that rate by Tiger Airways or AirAsia, depending on the period you are flying, and whether there were promotions.

We took Firefly from Singapore to Ipoh in order to avoid the long hours of traveling by coach to Cameron Highlands (9 - 10 hours).  I had booked my flight tickets via the Fireflyz website about 3 weeks ago, and was also able to reserve my own seats.  I chosed seats away from the wings, not realizing I ended up right next to the propeller instead (sweat and pray).

The children were not that inquisitive about what there was on the plane until I showed them how to pull down the window shield.  Instinctively, they started playing and trying to figure out what other 'gadgets' there were, rather to my regret.  It was a small airplane, pretty full, and the last thing I wanted to was to draw attention to ourselves turning ourselves into pests.

I sat with CH, and behind us were Mom and SW while HM sat across the aisle beside Mom.  I had planned to sit where SW and Mom were sitting but I got up the plane first and there was hardly any space on the aisle for me and my luggage to move back, so we stayed put.  Good thing we are small-framed...there was little leg room for the bigger Europeans.  Beware of carrying bulky hand-carry too, as the cabin space above our heads is limited.  Mom had to shove hers under my seat, thus limiting her own leg-room.

CH and SW each had a window seat, to their delight.  When I took my own first flight at 12 years old, I fought with sis and bro over one window seat and I won, with Sis sitting next to me, and Bro, then 5, stuck in between both our parents, sulking.  Poor Bro.  He refused to take any photos and covered his teary face with the flight cushion.

CH was beaming all the way, sitting next to me.  She loved looking down at the clouds and the land below.  She asked Mom for paper and pen to record her experience.

I was surprised they served inflight refreshments on an one-hour flight.  Choice of peanuts or muffin, juice, coffee or tea. There were 2 stewardesses on board (SW asked me who they were), and I have no complains over their services.  The toilet - it's clean, but I cannot imagine how the bigger Europeans can use it without closing the door - oh I stand.

We rushed to get up the plane, but on getting off, I remembered to snap a picture of the Firefly.

In this picture, you can see the hills of Ipoh in the background.

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