Monday, September 13, 2010

Original Works

You could say children are the greatest artists. For what they lack in strength and dexterity, they make it up in their originality, and that is unbeatable by any adults. So untainted in perception, so clear of beliefs of any sort, so full of possibilities.

CH, September 2010
I like the the flowers that grow from the sky

Recently, I saw in a friend's facebook, some line drawings done by his preschool daughter, of people she knows. Maybe it is because I have been so used to seeing my own children's, or perhaps it is the noses that she has included on the faces, which do not exist in any of my children's. Her simple lines made an impression on me. If only I can have my friend's courtesy to put up some in this blog to share...

Great! Permission granted! Here are some of 3 year-old Faith Chen's works:

Faith has interestingly added something which looks like a '2' in this picture.
Perhaps she's drawn this when she was two? Or perhaps that is just part of her hair?
Makes me wonder if 'Teacher Michelle' wears glasses.
Notice how she fills up the entire page in each drawing.

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MamaJ said...

Wow... nice! Loved the first drawing especially!