Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Home-School Projects

CH has been bringing Home-School Projects from school. Since I am used to doing projects with the kids at home, there should not be much of a problem - or so I thought.

The first project we did was not exactly a happy one. Normally, I did not have to be in the picture. That makes things a lot easier as we are spontaneous and less conscious of ourselves. But for the Home-School Projects, parents are required to take pictures of themselves working with the kids, and email the pictures to the teacher.

I got my son SW to help us with the photographing. It was pretty much a disaster. Not only had I to juggle between supervising the photo-shooting and making the Art & Craft with CH, SW was more interested in taking pictures of everything else except us. It was a little project that did not take CH long to do, so everything finished rather quickly - meaning there were not many photographs either, most of which were blurred. I had to take over the camera at the end. Even so, there were no happy faces in the pictures. A failed project to my standard.

Along came the second Home-School Project. This time, SW was not around, so CH and I took turns taking pictures of each other.

At first, CH felt more enthusiastic about taking the pictures, ready to abandon her project and leaving everything to me. I decided that we should only take pictures at different stages of our project, and allowed her to take a few snaps each time. Rather than the results, it is usually the process that is more important when working with kids.

CH's take of me.

Although CH's little hands could hardly reach the snap button on my Fuji Finepix, she did her best in following instructions like not moving her hands when snapping and holding in position so as to maintain the focus.

CH finding a place on the 'wool' for the ribbon we
ripped off from an undersized hand-me-down.

A spontaneous act

I would grade this project a distinction.

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