Thursday, April 1, 2010

Melaka 2010

The most wonderful thing about this Melaka trip was not the hotel view, but the company we were with - 3 families and my mother, who was happy to take a break from her daily routine.

We managed to get a suite with two adjoining rooms which opened up to a common living room where the families could gather. Having someone to chit-chat over morning coffee before everyone else were awake, and having Mom's presence when you wake up - such familiar, forgotten feelings were relived.

For the kids, the common area was like a playground - in any case, for kids this young, anywhere is a playground! The opportunity to dip in the pool for them was better than going down Jonker Street. For the adults, one of the attractions was food. It was no wonder that CH's perception of this holiday was "吃东西, 走, 吃东西, 走”!(Eat and move on, eat and move on).

The kids were unaccustomed to the less developed areas, which the adults perceived were good experience for them. This time round, I noticed the popular use of red lanterns, which were especially prominent at night. I did not take many pictures this round and was pleasantly surprise when I came across this picture taken by my husband. It was my favourite shop.

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