Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Camp

As if we did not have enough of each other, our three families have gathered again for an overnight camp over Good Friday at East Coast Park.

It was a risk choosing to camp during the wet season. Nevertheless, luck was on our side. The day was bright and sunny and I spotted a cloud with silver-lining. As I worked on taking the best shot, the cloud evolved into the side profile of a child with head tilted upwards.

The different shades of blue was even more spectacular when I went through the zoomed-in pictures. You could almost visualize it turning into a piece of watercolour painting...

Lady Moon was shy when I finally settled down after barbecue to take a picture of her.

Lying on my stomach in the tent, I had never felt so close to Mother Earth. It was the ground, solid ground that laid under me, not another layer of concrete or 10 other floors below me - did not matter that it is reclaimed land. I felt disoriented twice in the tent due to the slightly uneven ground, nearly falling on the kids who finally decided to rest around midnight.

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MamaJ said...

Looks like a great camping trip! :)