Thursday, February 25, 2010

Key Changes in 2010

Since the start of year 2010, I don't seem to be able to find time to blog. A glance at my Chinese horoscope reveals a good year ahead, from health to wealth, while prediction from another astrologer says there is likely to be some 'disturbances' and the best thing is to have more rests and spend more time with loved ones instead of trying to be productive. I think the latter is working well for me, and the signs are showing - I am slowing gain weight. Ha!

Key changes this year:
  • No more free school bus rides for SW, so I have to walk him to school.
  • CH's nursery is in the morning, and her school is a farther distance away than last years'.
  • More little projects to work on.
  • More outdoor activities for the kids in our hope to prevent (or delay) myopia.

That's all I have time for since my last entry a month ago! I can't believe this.

(Above: Temple outside Chinatown, Singapore)

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