Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Angry Birds

I am going to change my alarm ringtone to the theme of Angry Birds.  It will definitely catch my 7 year-old's attention and wake him up in the morning effortlessly.

Out of so many birds in the game - the red and powerless, the yellow with zeal, the blue that splits itself into triplets, the parrot that U-turns, the white that drops an egg, what makes the black one that explodes like a bomb SW's favourite really beats me. "Because it blows things up" - that being the most powerful? Or because black is his favourite colour now?  It used to be red, but red bird is "so lame".

Though we try to control his time on the game, I have to admit it is highly addictive having played it myself. In the beginning, I actually fought with him for "one more game", ignoring his laments, challenging myself to the next level till the battery goes flat. That was before I had to stop myself entirely so I could get on with life. It brings back memories of playing 'Poppey' and 'Octopus', not to forget the calculator with an 'n' (By the way, whatever happened to its manufacturer?  It is great training for summing up 10s!)  So, can I proudly say that a parent who has been there knows how it is like?  Or rather, it was a case of how I got myopic?

We had to start administering playing time. Protecting eyesight is one of the reasons we give. But that does little to stop my little chap from thinking about the game. He goes about creating his own Angry Birds games:

I have to admit it is amusing to see the details in the drawings.  What games do to each child could be different.  To SW, it was not a case of him copying since he would take every minute he could to play.  What I think is interesting is its production from memory.  

Once, while playing the game with his cousin, my sister-in-law overheard the boys' discussions and whispered to me, "Oh dear, he could remember which level has the Golden Egg!"

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