Monday, December 14, 2009

The Power of Letting Go

It is amazing how when you finally let go of something , better things come along.

After decades of working in the same company, Cousin Angeline decided to step out of her comfort zone. The new journey provided her with inner peace and gave root to a new hobby - balloon sculpting.

I never knew what balloons could do until I saw the pictures she posted in her Facebook. [I've added images of her works related to Christmas]

"I started out making simple ones like poodles after watching a clown at it in a shopping centre. After some time, I got tired of making the same ones, so I decided to take up a two-day training at a local community centre and learnt the basics. From there, it became easier to pick up other designs from books."

"How long does it take for you to memorize a design?" Cousin Angeline obviously wasn't referring to any books as she worked on the Santa Claus for CH.

"On average, I'd do twice of the same design with reference. Thereafter, I'd usually be able to remember the steps".

We gathered at mom's place so our kids could play together during the vacation. I know CH likes balloons, but I was surprised she stood to watch till the sculptures were completed. Watching Cousin Angeline at work, you realize balloon sculpting takes passion, patience, and creativity, a lot like any other form of art. Uniquely though, because of their short life span - up to 7 days, these works are meant to be given away. Hence, above all else, you need to have the love of giving. For the kids, they have to learn to accept that unlike other toys, you can neither keep nor collect them...

New prospects are opening up for Angeline, currently a stay-home mom, for teaching balloon sculpting, concert decorations & other events, social work...

Amazing isn't it? The joy of giving up a job and finding a life! Merry Christmas, everyone!


Tze said...

Fantastic account on this particular subject. Indeed the power of letting go is beyond our human understandings and by doing so, sometimes, can save lives. Besides the predicament of letting go, i believe that another valuable lesson learnt was the ability to look beyond our current situation and go forth "in faith" to do what we believe in. Though we may not see completely what lies ahead, we move on to attain the victory that we believe belongs to us. As commonly quoted from the bible, "we walk by faith, not by sight". Men without desire is without passion, without passion is without hope, without hope without life. Work and money is a means to an end, but you ultimately are the one deciding whether if it ends with hope or not.

ART.S.Y. said...

Thank you :) And also for sharing your thoughts on this!