Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Actor Salesman

We were out at a neighbourhood shopping centre last night and I saw a familiar face at the basement carpark. It was a local actor.

I wondered what he was doing there, talking to some passer-by. After our dinner and getting CH a pair of sandals to replace the one she has out-grown, he was still there! This time, he caught our eyes and approached! I heard him stopping my husband who was behind me. With a DVD in his hand, he began to promote a film, which my husband declined to purchase. "You know I don't like buying DVDs" my husband explained to me later, which was true. But both of us felt something.

A public figure personally trying to sell you something he is a part of, at a basement carpark, without the support of other crew members or anyone else, withstanding rejections, keeping up a cheerful front and saying sincere thank yous.

That's tough for anyone, but I think more so for a public figure - the ego that he has to get past - or is he trying to get a feel of his new role in a new film? I truly hope it is the latter.

Maybe it is my empathy for the actor, or maybe it is curiosity that makes me look up the internet for the film. It is called 'Autumn in March'.

On the way out, I saw him talking to an elderly couple, with some cash in his hand. Cool. A deal. Just as our car rounded the corner, I caught sight of the impressionable teenage girl standing beside the elderly couple, beeming at the actor-salesman, gently nodding her head and flushing pink. I smiled too.

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